In my intuitive guidance sessions,

I use clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, numerology, psychometry, auric fields, and mediumship to channel information from spirit to my client. I work in these areas in person or by phone. There is much wisdom that comes from dream interpretation or dream analogy.


My sessions begin with the client's birth date using their numbers to give information of birth or life path, which is their path/direction of this particular incarnation. A person's numerology shows qualities, abilities, talents, personality traits and much more. The cycle of year indicates if the client is in a year of reaping, harvesting, completions or seeding. We work through 9 year cycles and then we start over again. Numbers or numerology is a divine science, which comes from ancient study of the mystical Hebrew book of the 'Kabbalah' and Chinese Feng Shui. Numbers have vibration and energy. There is great in depth knowledge the ancients have imparted unto us.

Auric Energy Fields

I receive information via my client through their auric energy field. The aura enables me to intuit the client, their spouse, family and agendas. This aids me with coaching in relationship interactions. The client’s energy shows their psychology in relationships, marriage, family dynamics as well as work, career and business interactions. Often I describe people or energies that are in the subject’s aura and how they are positioned in my client’s energy, which has a meaning or a message. I do share about relationships that are former, or now existing and in the future.


Our loved ones who are around us from the other side see our concerns. They are in spirit and come sometimes to guide and aid us, passing messages on to us intuitively or through our sleep or dream states. They see our concerns and can come to warn us about situations that we need to be vigilant. Sometimes, we wonder where a thought or an idea came from. I pick up on love ones in spirit in the aura during a reading.

Business Consulting

Over the years, I consult for numerous businesses, giving intuitive guidance and details along with creative solutions. I communicate with regards to the political aspects of the company, the different corporate personalities, divisions and dynamics affecting its structure. I try to be mindful of the world’s political and economic situations and how they are affecting us in our financial sectors and decisions.

Feeding Your Soul

In my sessions, I want to assist my client to their highest potential in aiding them with guidance, spiritual understanding and growth and ‘what feeds their soul’. I want to inspire and empower my client and help them find what their soul’s direction.


The term clairvoyance (from French clair meaning "clear" and voyance meaning "vision") is used to refer to the ability to gain information about an object, person, location or physical event through means other than the known human senses, a form of extra-sensory perception. A person said to have the ability of clairvoyance is referred to as a clairvoyant ("one who sees clearly").


(from Greek: "spirit, soul"; metron, "measure"), also known as token-object reading, or psychoscopy, is a form of extra-sensory perception characterized by the claimed ability to make relevant associations from an object of unknown history by making physical contact with that object. Supporters assert that an object may have an energy field that transfers knowledge regarding that object's history.

Psychometry is commonly offered at psychic fairs as a type of psychic reading. At New Age events psychometry has claimed to help visitors "meet the dearly departed" (a form of spiritualism).

The Past is entombed in the Present! The world is its own enduring monument; and that which is true of its physical, is likewise true of its mental career. The discoveries of Psychometry will enable us to explore the history of man, as those of geology enable us to explore the history of the earth. There are mental fossils for psychologists as well as mineral fossils for the geologists; and I believe that hereafter the psychologist and the geologist will go hand in hand — the one portraying the earth, its animals and its vegetation, while the other portrays the human beings who have roamed over its surface in the shadows, and the darkness of primeval barbarism! Aye, the mental telescope is now discovered which may pierce the depths of the past and bring us in full view of the grand and tragic passages of ancient history!

What Is Clairsentience?

Clairsentience is one of the most interesting aspects of the psychic world. This ability covers a number of things such as the ability to read people and their physical state. Through your search of many sites on the web you may come across the term clairsentience.

What is clairsentience? By many it is considered a form of impressional mediumship. It is a form of telling the physical makeup, health condition, personality and the character traits of a spirit entity while it was on the earth. Some consider it to be a feeling or sense that the medium or séance group experience. Having a tingling sensation on the skin, face, or hands, or having the hair on the back of your neck stand up is one type of clairsentience. These all relate to ghosts or spirits of the dead.

Furthermore, some people believe clairsentience is just a general ability to sense spirits or auras belonging to any person alive or dead. Spirits can be light or heavy, gentle or angry, good or bad. Information about spirits can be uncovered through colors, lightness and darkness, or emotions such as joy or sadness. This ability is essential for healers and counselors, therapists, and anyone who works with people, especially the psychics and spiritual advisor.

It is said that we are all born with a psychic ability. Through our experiences we build up walls against the world and lose our ability to use our special sense of other's spirits and get out of touch with our own. Our consciousness loses the ability to control its spirit power. Later, we can restore this ability through life-altering experiences or through development of our spiritual powers.

This power of what is clairsentience is manifested in two different ways: sense extension and sense projection. A psychic child, for example may "hear" his mother while she is visiting with a neighbor or a psychic person might just know about someone hiding where they can't see them, but they just have a paranormal sense that they are there. This is often confused with ESP, but this sixth sense uses the faculties of the other five senses to process the psychic information they receive.

Sense extension consists of the ability to extend ones' senses a short distance from one's body. With this practice, only barriers such as his or her skill at sensing limit the psychic, distance does not affect the ability at all in many cases. The senses of touch, hearing, smell, taste, and sight are used in sense extension.

Sense projection is the ability to project the senses very far away from the psychic’s body. To do this the psychic must be very familiar with a certain location or know that person or object very well. Once the senses of a psychic are projected to a certain location, she can sense things as if she or he were actually at the location. With practice comes a higher degree of success and clarity of sensation and control over the sensations.

This projection of the senses or feeling of other people's energies can be an amazing power to have. A warning to those attempting to use these powers: they can be a force for good and a force for bad. If you should find that you have such powers, remember as quoted from Spiderman, "Great power comes with great responsibility.


Mediumship is defined as the practice of certain people—known as mediums—to mediate communication between spirits of the dead and other human beings. While no evidence has been accepted by the wider scientific community in support of the view that there has been communication between the living and the dead, some parapsychologists say that some of their research suggests that such communication may have taken place. The practice is associated with several religious belief systems such as Spiritualism, Spiritism, Espiritismo, Candomblé, Voodoo, Umbanda and some New Age groups.

There are several different variants of mediumship; the best known forms are where a spirit takes control of a medium's voice and uses it to relay a message, or where the medium simply 'hears' the message and passes it on. Other forms involve manifestations of the spirit, such as apparitions or the presence of a voice, and telekinetic activity.

Attempts to contact the dead date back to early human history, with mediumship gaining in popularity during the 19th century. Investigations during this period revealed widespread fraud—with some practitioners employing techniques used by stage magicians—and the practice started to lose credibility. Nevertheless the practice still continues to this day, and high profile fraud has been uncovered as recently as the 2000s.

In recent years scientific research has been undertaken to ascertain the validity of claims of mediumship. In an experiment undertaken by the British Psychological Society, the conclusion was that the test subjects demonstrated no mediumistic ability. Other experiments which have seemingly found evidence of paranormal activity have been criticized for not establishing thorough test conditions.

An experiment considered by parapsychologists to be one of the most compelling involved taking electroencephalography readings of twelve test subjects, most of which were found to have abnormal readings, with some readings bearing similarities to those found in epileptics even though the subjects had never experienced fits and had no family history of epilepsy. While mediumistic ability is neither confirmed or denied by unusual brain activity, the findings of the experiment was that parapsychological phenomena are at least partly a function of the brain.

About Auras, Chakras, Meridians

Auras: An aura is an energy field that surrounds, penetrates and extends out beyond the physical body, that is electromagnetic, electric and magnetic and is made up of varying types of live and intelligent vibrations or frequencies. An aura surrounds not only every living thing including humans, animals and plants, but also every inanimate thing such as rocks, all objects made by man, and the earth, sun, moon, and all planets in our Universe.

The human aura has layers of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual elements. Auras contain all the primary colors of the rainbow at any given time and change color depending on the emotion an individual is experiencing. Our auras are made up of may colors and many shades of colors that are constantly changing.

This reflects the constant change in our thoughts and emotions. Happy and loving thoughts expand your aura while sad or angry thoughts contract your aura. Aura sizes adjust depending on the density of the population where you live. Residents of New York City have tighter and smaller auras in comparison to residents living in rural Vermont. A dowser can easily tell you many of the physical qualities of your aura.

Chakras: Chakras are spinning wheels of electric energy of different colors that perform many functions connecting our energy fields, bodies and the broader Cosmic Energy Field. Chakras are directly connected to and govern the endocrine system that in turn regulates the aging process. The chakras are linking mechanisms between the auric field and the meridian system within the physical body and different levels of the auric fields and cosmic forces.

They affect the flow of energy into the physical body. They absorb primary energy from the atmosphere (called chi, prana, orgone) and send it along energy channels. Chakras are energy transformers. Our bodies contain seven major chakras or energy centers and 122 minor chakras. The major chakras are located at the base of the spine (Root Chakra), at the navel (Sacral Chakra), in the solar plexus (Solar Plexus Chakra), within your heart (Heart Chakra), within the throat (Throat Chakra), at the center of your forehead (Brow or Third Eye Chakra), and at the top of your head (Crown Chakra).

These chakras are linked together. The Entire Energy System - Within, Around and Penetrating Us: Our energy systems surrounds us, are inside of us, and penetrates us completely. This includes the light body, which extends beyond our auras and I believe is the very essence of us that goes on forever, our auras that surround us and penetrate our physical bodies, the meridian system, a system of energy channels within us through which all energy moves throughout our body, as well as the chakras, the energy transformers changing and processing live giving prana within us. The issues and care which I describe for auras and chakras, applies to the entire energetic system within, around, and penetrating us.

Potential Aura, Chakra and Meridian System Issues

There are many issues that can affect the functioning of our auras, chakras, and meridian systems leading to a variety of health problems. The following are a number of key potential issues.

I. Blockages can be caused by any of the following: emotions that have not been felt and released; negative thought forms from others; psychic attack energy or negative energy from energetic spells; entities or spirits lodged in our auras or chakras; chemical, metal and atomic toxins; other types of poisons or toxins; past life memories or experiences.

II. Distorted auras and chakras can be caused by any of the issues identified under blockages;

III. Holes in the auras can be caused by any of the issues identified under blockages;

IV. Lack of synchronization between the auras, chakras, and meridian system can create serious difficulty. Physical issues, emotional issues, intellectual imbalances or spiritual issues can create imbalances in various parts of the auras, chakras and meridian system. These imbalances affect the specific aura or chakra that in turn affects other parts of the energetic system. Nature always tries to achieve perfect balance and these imbalances create a real disharmony in our energetic systems. This can create unbalanced thinking, feeling and behavior.

V. Negative connections and rays can become attached to our auras. These are a result of negative emotions, drug and alcohol use, psychic attacks or spells, other intelligent being in the Cosmic World, environmental pollution, lack of nature i.e. trees, plants and flowing water. Negativity in thought and behavior in individuals, communities, draws negative forces to us from the broader Universe. These connections, rays and energies can have a real negative effect on our vitality and energy.

VI. Energetic and chemical markings can be left by other dimensional beings in our auras and brains so that these energetic beings can find and track us. Constant interference by other dimensional beings can seriously affect our vitality and health.

VII. Negative energy programs can be sent into an individual by other human beings. These programs establish connections so that ongoing negative energy can be run into an individual. This can have a serious effect on our entire energy system and inner vitality.

VIII. Negative energy can easily flip from one individual's aura into your aura. Energy is alive, moves around, and you can eventually become quite affected by the negative energy of those around you, in your homes, offices or stores.

IX. Imbalances can be created by earth energies especially the intersecting points of the Hartman and Curry grids and underground running water.

X. Under-active or overactive chakras can create a variety of issues. Under-active chakras can translate into fatigue, lethargy, weight problems, just a slow attitude towards life or a lack of zest for living. Overactive chakras create other types of problems including hyperactivity, panic attacks, emotional imbalances, and many types of health issues in the physical body.

Major Effects of Negative Energies

There can be so many different effects from energetic issues. The following is a limited listing of certain major potential effects.

I. Fatigue.

II. Lacking vitality or a zest for life.

III. Negative or distorted thinking.

IV. Negative, unbalanced or distorted emotions.

V. Negative, unbalanced or distorted behavior.

VI. Feeling disconnected from other human beings.

VII. Feeling disconnected from the Creator or whatever we choose to call our Higher Power VIII. Feeling disconnected from nature.

IX. Panic attacks that can be caused by a vulnerability caused by holes in our auras.

X. A compromised energy system leads to many types of physical illnesses.